Brookwood Military Cemetery

In lovely memory of Canadian Rifleman Carl Winnberg who Died in WWII May 29, 1943, and is buried at Brookwood Military Cemetery in grave 40. D. 10.. Carl was son of Carl and Louise Winnberg, of Great Falls, Manitoba.

Carl Winnberg


Brookwood is 30 miles from London (M3 to Bagshot and then A322). The main entrance to Brookwood Military Cemetery is on the A324 from the village of Pirbright. Brookwood Military Cemetery is owned by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and is the largest Commonwealth war cemetery in the United Kingdom, covering approximately 37 acres.

In 1917, an area of land in Brookwood Cemetery (originally The London Necropolis) was set aside for the burial of men and women of the forces of the Commonwealth and Americans, who had died, many of battle wounds, in the London district. This site was further extended to accommodate the Commonwealth casualties of the Second World War, and American, Belgian, Czech, Dutch, French and Polish plots containing the graves of Allied casualties. There are also German and Italian plots where prisoners of war lie buried.

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